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CIMSPA Practitioner (Exercise & Fitness)

Don't wish for ! it Work for it !

Hello there, I am Winnie. Born in Hong Kong, I like traveling and  I am a food lover, I like to laugh. 

I moved countries throughout the years so I learnt from different cultures. I also, just like some of us, had up and downtimes worrying about my body image and trying to eat right. I tried to take short cuts but it was, of course, a waste of time. I needed to put it right but how? My mind said we shall do it later :P

My lifestyle started changing in moving to Singapore. I started to exercise a little more. In later years back in Hong Kong I went to the gym more regularly which helped me to deal with the stress at work. The exercise gave surprisingly a lot of more extra positive impacts, not only feeling happier but many more benefits. I started wondering why? How? So I began,


​In 2011 I qualified as a personal trainer in Australia; continued to increase my knowledge by work experience in a university gym in Perth and self-study. My passion grew more and more. I wanted to discover a lot more about the benefits of exercise in different specific areas, such as movement during exercise, mental health, cognitive function, pregnancy, injury management and much more.

Never Be Easy! Always start somewhere!

I will train and coach you to be better, fitter and stronger. I  will bring you the best results faster! I will support and work alongside you throughout the whole journey. 


You do not need to be great before the start.

Let me bring you success and to become the one you want to be. I will help you to overcome the challenges, hurdles and to achieve your goals. I will get you there!

I Can, You Can! You Will!

What people say

"My entire perspective of fitness changed as Winnie exposed me to a range of exercises and activities I had never experienced before.... "

- Lisa C -

"Winnie pushed me beyond what I thought was capable of. It wasn't an easy journey and I certainly couldn't have done it without Winnie"

- Helen C -

"She drives you hard but through encouragement, not shouting or bullying, recognizing that trainer and client work as a team."

- John B -

You believe in yourself, I believe in you

Qualifications and Specialise:

REP UK Level 3 Personal Trainer

CIMSPA Practitioner (Exercise & Fitness)

Diploma in Fitness (Australia) - Specialise in exercise with injury management and exercise with Chronic stable conditions

Injury management - Accredited Rehab Trainer

Exercise with Preganency - Pre & Post Natal

Exercise with Post Natal Core Rehabilitation

Exercise with Boxing for Fitness - ThumpBoxing Level 1 & Advance Trainer

Master Functional Trainer - (Specialise in Exercise with Kettlebell, Powerbag, Barbell, Battling Rope, and Mobility)

Suspension Bodyweight Exercise -  Crankit Suspension Trainer

By the way, I speak in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin

How about call me 0794 398 1716 for a Free Consultation.





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Personal Training

As a personal trainer, I can tell you a lot of benefits of working out on your own. You also can find countless information on the internet; such as achieving better and faster results, improving your training technique,  changing lifestyle, motivation, the reduced risk of injury in training, positive behavior and many more, 


Everyone knows how to do some sort of exercise. Let's talk about jogging; it is an advanced movement from walking and almost every one of you knows about it and has tried it. However, a personal trainer can help you to jog more efficiently, better, faster, longer by training in a specific way. 

You can watch and learn exercises though videos you find on the internet. You probably experiment with them in the gym and feel that you could do it without hiring a personal trainer. However, you need to know that personal trainers will be able to teach you the proper exercise technique, exercise form, progress consistency and much more. Having a personal trainer's experience can make a huge difference to help you achieve your goals much quicker.


Everyone is different in age, shape, size, and background; also old injury management needs to be considered when it comes down to exercise. There is no one-size-fits-all workout routine. A personal trainer will define and focus an individual's fitness goal with you specifically in mind.  A personal trainer will ensure continued progress and help assess your personalised workouts and make sure you are making progress toward those goals. 

Lack of self-motivation, commitment and wrong priorities are all reasons that make you skip a gym session when you training on your own. Work with a personal trainer to get you off the ground and to great results faster. You will not skip a training session easily because you don't want to let your trainer or yourself down.  

Another benefit of hiring a personal trainer is that you and your trainer will most likely be talking about your day and how things are going, maybe whether you had a good or bad day. Perhaps you would like to share a bit of your life with them. The trainer will listen and support you and continue to brighten your day.

The most common reason is the price tag and paying upfront for a block session

I make it simple

I can offer you flexible payment plans and payment methods and I will discuss the options with you to see what is most suitable for you.  

You are always welcome to speak with me,  

You are the boss.

You will plan your budget. 

You will get yourself in a training routine and reach a training goal.

You will be given a provisional program at the start of your training which will be revised depending on you progress and support you need.

It can be flexible and tailored to fit your needs.

Still feel like you need time to take it all in?

Call me now on 0794 398 1716 so we can find out your answer. 

An Unofficial Therapist

No Wasted Time = Maximum Results

What Stopping you?

Why you need a Personal Trainer?


Personal Training 


£32.5 per single 60 min session 

Packages also available

What people say

Winnie has been my PT for several months she is everything you want in a personal trainer. Extremely professional, courteous, friendly, encouraging while pushing you to your limits and never over them. Patient when required working around your problems when you just cannot seem to get an exercise.  She puts a lot of work in prior to your session ensuring you get the maximum out. She is also a lovely person and I have no problem recommending her to anyone 

- Denise J -

How about a Free Consultation?

Call me on 0794 398 1716 to have a chat





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On-Demand Online Exercise Coaching


'You have training experience in the gym but are looking for new training ideas' 

'You have training experience with a personal trainer and now want to train independently but still want a bit of support. 

'You have a special occasion to go to soon and you want to look your best' 

'You are having a crazy daily schedule. You will go to the gym whenever you are available'

'You only have a little time to spend in the gym. You do not have time to plan the training routine' 

'You have a regular training routine, just need to have an extra new idea to bring your workout to the next level.' 


I will always look out for you. On-Demand Online Exercise Coaching is here should you wish to give it a try. Whatever your goal is,  it can help you break into a sweat, get in shape, build those muscles and improve your strength.

Access to a Professional Advice

I will always be available to provide you with online support throughout your training program. I will keep on your toes to see how your tailor-made training program is going, 


You don't need to coordinate your schedule with the others; you are your own. You can have your workout whenever you like and as many times as you like. The bonus is that you can take your training program with you while away so you do not need to miss any sessions. You don't need to worry about finding a gym across town or country as there are plenty of bodyweight exercises which can be completed in your hotel room. We also offer a program only option.


The benefit of training with On-Demand Online Exercise is not having a heavy price tag. For a small monthly investment, you can train as many sessions as you like. No need to pay for regular one on one personal training. 

Unlimited support, Motivation, and Accountability

You will have easy access to your workout routine, tracking results, general diet suggestion and more. Incredibly easy to keep-in-touch. You will be provided with a visual exercise demonstration and full written exercise instructions including a target muscle group. Extra Face-time sessions can be arranged to give you extra help and guidance. 


Our lines of communication are always open. I will routinely check your progress and you will get my full attention during your training program.  I will monitor your training progress, workout and sessions. You will be given personal drive to get you to your success.




  • Initial Assessment via Facetime and Online Assessment via Mypthub

  • Personalized structured training program delivered through Mypthub

  • Training program progression every week

  • 1 x 60 mins Personal Training Session at the selected location

  • General diet suggestion

Our online fitness coaching will give everything you need, everything is online and trackable.


Are you ready to go? What are you still waiting for?


On-Demand Online Exercise Coaching 


£80.00 Per Month

What people say

"I’d seen Winnie working with clients in my gym and having noticed their shapes changing (and shrinking!) it inspired me to get in touch and see if she could help me. I felt stuck in a rut. I was going to the gym 3/4 times a week doing cardio or yoga but never really feeling like I was progressing. Since training with Winnie’s app, I’ve found the routine challenges me and I’m using muscles I never knew existed before. I’ve gone down an entire dress size in the last 5 weeks and I feel strong and capable. Winnie is encouraging and always quick to respond to the message facility regarding any query with the program. The face time and advice has been transforming for me and it’s inspiring me to keep on going as I’m finally seeing results for my efforts. Thanks, Winnie, I couldn’t have done it without you."



Have a chat with me 0794 398 1716




CIMSPA Practitioner (Exercise & Fitness)

CF23 8HE, Cardiff

Tel: +44 794 398 1716


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