Winnie was born in Hong Kong, moved to Singapore and now lives in Australia. Winnie grew up with  misconceptions that training and exercise were only for young and strong; older adults and seniors have no reasons going to the gym and pregnant women should not lift weights or exercise. Wanting to understand the reason behind these beliefs and to learn more about Human Biology and Anatomy lead Winnie to become a Personal Trainer at Curtin Stadium  in 2011.

Over the past few years, Winnie has worked and practiced as a Personal training Professional, continue learning  and develop new skills, knowledge, techniques and training methods. From her experience she has gained Winnie knows that being fit and strong is not only for young and strong people. It is all about training method, technique, right diet and personal efforts, everyone can get to point become strong and healthy.

Winnie believes training with client is not only about delivering a specific program but supporting them during their sessions. Winnie also coaches clients to focus, to be decisive, to believe in themselves and have the confidence to push beyond their perceived limits, and sometime to be accept failure. This is the way to progress and become strong.

The fun of challenge for Winnie to create a unique program for each clients to reach their goal, also coach them beyond their succeed. This is the beauty of being a Personal Trainer.

"I can help you to beyond Strong"

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