This training package will last for 8 consecutive weeks, you can train up to 5 sessions per week. This is the training will help you to get started on the road to shaping up and take you out of your comfort zone, get you sweat and speed up your metabolism, burns fat long after you stop exercising. The MRT training is tough to beat and fun.


We will also give you dietary advice and show you how to incorporate healthy food choices into your lifestyle. 


What are you waiting for!!


Metabolic Resistance Training is one of the best and most intense methods. It combines the benefits of traditional aerobic exercises and strength training. It is the best building muscle, burn tone of calories and improving overall physical fitness. This training style is designed to increased cardiovascular capacity and also increase your metabolic rate. 

Strong & Beyond

Resistance training to strengthen and condition the musculoskeletal system, improve muscle tone and size, and increase muscular strength. This training also increases tendon, bone and ligament strength. Strength training has benefits beyond appearance, improving posture, balance and flexibility.


If you would like to have personalized workouts and individual attention, gather your buddies for a 'Training-No-Limit' group session! Through training in a small group, you will get the benefit of motivation from our instructor and your buddies whilst saving money compared to individual training.

Exercise during pregnancy may help you reduce pregnancy discomfort. Regular exercise strengthens your muscles, which helps your body cope better with aches and pains of pregnancy. Exercise also helps maintain healthy bodyweight, boosts your energy and helps you sleep better. Exercising during pregnancy will also help you get your body back faster after childbirth.


*Medical Clearance will be requested before commencing or resuming exercise

You just had a baby! Post-natal exercise offers a whole range of benefits for new mums, such as helping with weight loss, increasing fitness and improving psychological well being. Exercise will also hasten recovery, and assist with muscle strength and tone. Core Rehabilitation will improve core strength and stability, trunk mobility and flexibility.


* Medical clearance will be requested before commencing or resuming exercise.  

Mums & Bubs

Mums & bubs training sessions are designed specifically for  mums with children from newborns to toddlers. It will help you to improve overall strength, fitness, core strength and energy levels. Mums can have enjoyable bonding time with bubs and other mummies during the session

Our Accredited Rehab Trainer has the confidence and competence to work with an individual's unique bio-mechanics, preventing and rehabilitating low risk injuries during training. We work closely with allied health professionals to help clients to manage their aches and pains, improve muscle control and improve joint stability. Injury management training allows clients to fast track towards their exercise-goals. 

* Allied Health Professional clearance might be requested before commencing or resuming exercise commencing or resuming exercise

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